Friday, August 25, 2006

Moved In-ness!

I'm finally moved in! Well most of the way. Got a TV and DVD player from Elizabeth for <intonation type="salesman">cheap cheap cheap</intonation> but nowhere really to hook it up. Not that I particularly watch TV anyway, but it might be nice to catch the odd episode of SNL, or tune into those important emergency system tests! With the last of the peaches going bad, it's time for a food-drying experiment. We'll see how dried peaches turn out. Hopefully they'll make a delightful addition to the bread pudding I'm making tomorrow from all the crusty French bread around here. Which it turns out is something I actually like… between the two of us, Chris and I can almost consume an entire loaf in one sitting, leaving just about a quarter left. Perfect for bread pudding. Now if I could only manage to find time to clean up this mess...


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