Sunday, August 20, 2006

Almost moved into my new apartment!

It's taking for freaking ever, but I'm almost moved in to my apartment! Serious amounts of material were omitted from this blog because I didn't have an internet connection or I was out of the state (maybe more on that later :o). Actually the biggest reason is I'm exceedingly lazy. I picked up a cheap modem at CompUSA which amazingly enough worked in Linux. I tweaked my old server box a bit by installing dnsmasq for DHCP and DNS service and used it as a router, since the modem on my laptop isn't as linux-friendly. Works very well! Go gentoo again for having useful HOWTO material readily available (google gentoo home router). My newest addition to my growing library is "The Scheme Language." It looks quite informative and hopefully will be helpful when I'm implementing my .net scheme compiler! Yeah that's right, even though they already exist, I really want the experience of implementing scheme and since I want to learn about .net, this is a natural combination. Let's hope I can get someone on the CU faculty to advise this project so I can substitute it for some boring core class.


Blogger Sarah Can said...

Dang... I almost thought that this would be an entry about not-computers, but that ended in a few sentences. Sooo close! But a let down ;o)

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