Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Christine

ὠ ἡ χρίστη, χριστίν, ἡ καρδίᾱς ἐμῆς φύλαξ· ἐμή φιλίᾱ σοί.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Moved In-ness!

I'm finally moved in! Well most of the way. Got a TV and DVD player from Elizabeth for <intonation type="salesman">cheap cheap cheap</intonation> but nowhere really to hook it up. Not that I particularly watch TV anyway, but it might be nice to catch the odd episode of SNL, or tune into those important emergency system tests! With the last of the peaches going bad, it's time for a food-drying experiment. We'll see how dried peaches turn out. Hopefully they'll make a delightful addition to the bread pudding I'm making tomorrow from all the crusty French bread around here. Which it turns out is something I actually like… between the two of us, Chris and I can almost consume an entire loaf in one sitting, leaving just about a quarter left. Perfect for bread pudding. Now if I could only manage to find time to clean up this mess...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jumping cow amber ale (++)

Yum yum! Light, wih just enough body...

One thing I'd change about python

I think python is a nice enough language, but the lack of proper lexical scoping drives me nuts! Also, the generator concept almost works, but when you want to do a non-local yield, it's just not possible. For example, if your generator has a helper function that wants to yield, control flows back to your generator instead of to the code calling your generator!

Almost moved into my new apartment!

It's taking for freaking ever, but I'm almost moved in to my apartment! Serious amounts of material were omitted from this blog because I didn't have an internet connection or I was out of the state (maybe more on that later :o). Actually the biggest reason is I'm exceedingly lazy. I picked up a cheap modem at CompUSA which amazingly enough worked in Linux. I tweaked my old server box a bit by installing dnsmasq for DHCP and DNS service and used it as a router, since the modem on my laptop isn't as linux-friendly. Works very well! Go gentoo again for having useful HOWTO material readily available (google gentoo home router). My newest addition to my growing library is "The Scheme Language." It looks quite informative and hopefully will be helpful when I'm implementing my .net scheme compiler! Yeah that's right, even though they already exist, I really want the experience of implementing scheme and since I want to learn about .net, this is a natural combination. Let's hope I can get someone on the CU faculty to advise this project so I can substitute it for some boring core class.

Autohighlight moves to a permanent home

After a lengthy stay in no-man's land, Autohighlight finally has a home! As described on the home page, autohighlight is a project I worked on with another student in Spring 2006 whose purpose it was to automatically generate syntax description files for VIM and EMACS when given an input grammar in BNF form. The project was a mixed success, when taken in light of the fact it was implemented in 2 months, and the problem of reducing a context-free language to regular expressions is inherently intractable! Anyway, I hope someone gets use out of the code; it looks promising. Update: The url is really