Thursday, January 26, 2006


After several hours of trying, I successfully managed to load mcclim into a recent clisp. However, none of the demos are "working." By working, i mean, no errors are generated, but no output is really displayed. I'm trying to figure out how to debug the damned thing without really knowing much CLIM, but the more I learn, the more impressed I am with CLIM. I was especially impressed with the command object idea, having recently emerged from a software engineering class where we discussed the command pattern. It seems so natural in this context! I'm eager to try my hand at CLIM development, I'd like especially to build a gdk/gtk+-2.0 backend. Even cooler, potentially, when gobject introspection turns from vapourware into software, would be to have the backend mapping happen dynamically! Lots left to learn about CLIM and gdk first... I have a feeling the first thing to do is to make a gdk backend that mirrors the CLX backend, and hook the GTK widgets in place higher in CLIM abstraction model once I know the gdk drawing stuff is going to produce correct if not beautiful output for CLIM applications that use the low-level drawing toolkit stuff. It's quite exciting! If one could get CLIM running atop gdk and gtk, it wouldn't be hard to deliver clisp applications for windows (especially with clisp's recently-acquired ability to build executable files for windows!). I guess I'll start by tracing the crap out of the CLIM protocols to find out what's wrong with the CLX backend. I suspect it's a method combination or class precedence problem somewhere... I saw quite a few suspicious looking compilation errors on those topics. More later.


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